So What Even Is HowToFinance?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Driven by the lack of financial literacy within today's youth, HowToFinance is a free website designed to guide students through key concepts in Finance, Business, and Economics. According to studies performed by FINRA, there is a clear downwards trend of financial literacy amongst our youth, and complications from Covid-19 have further hampered the scarce amount of opportunities that we had in the first place. Additionally, the Council of Economic Education reports that only 21 out of 50 states offer financial education programs in high school. As a society, it is imperative that we provide our youth with more effective means of financial education if we wish to turn these dangerous trends around. To play our part in solving this issue, HowToFinance is dedicated to improving financial literacy by providing our youth with necessary financial knowledge such as saving and investing. Ultimately, we hope that students will be inspired to dive deeper into Business and Finance through our help.

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