Elon Musk's Recent Net Worth Jump

Updated: Jan 22

Elon Musk recently made the news offloading a considerable number of Tesla shares. Musk sold about ten percent of his shares of Tesla, since posting his initial poll on Twitter in November. Since he liquidated over $10 billion dollars, Musk claims he will pay billions in taxes due to the fact that he will be taxed at an overall rate of over 50%. In spite of this, Musk recently made headlines once again because his net worth shot up to over $300 billion with Tesla stock's recent rally. This marks the second time that the business tycoon has crossed the 300 billion threshold, with the first time being back in November, about the time he initially posted his Twitter poll. What's outstanding, is that Musk was worth an estimated $156 billion at the beginning of 2021, meaning he doubled his net worth over the span of 2021; considering the sheer amount of wealth he had, to begin with, this feat is simply incredible. As his other companies continue to grow, could Musk become the world's first trillionaire? Well, time will tell, but Musk sure looks to be on track to widen the gap between himself and the rest of Earth's billionaires.

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