According to a study by FINRA, there is a clear trend of declining financial literacy within the United States, and a majority of our youth lack quality access to financial education. HowToFinance hopes to raise awareness among our community by offering free lessons, articles, and classes that will prepare our youth for financial success by strengthening their understanding of finance, business, economics, and entrepreneurship. 


Founder and President

Aryaman Bansal is a senior in high school who aspires to further explore the intersection of Business, EdTech, and Finance. Aryaman started HowToFinance to increase his community's knowledge of financial literacy. He collaborates with two education non-profits to teach financial literacy classes. He also creates in-depth lessons and articles.



Vice President

Akhil Vallabh is a senior in high school who plans to study finance and economics in the future. Akhil enjoys speech and debate, and he is very passionate about learning about the world of finance. Akhil wants to help spread financial literacy especially since it is not a conventional topic taught at most schools. He specializes in writing articles about investment strategies and economic principles.



Senior Writer

Miles Moerman is a senior in high school who plans to study software engineering in the future. He enjoys playing golf and teaching it to others. Miles is interested in learning more about the world of finance and economics, so he writes for HowToFinance to educate himself while informing others at the same time. He specializes in writing about historical and current events that relate to economic principles.

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